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Message From The Land Of Conventional Wisdom 2.1

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I had a good day at the Milken Global Conference, and I’m going to write about it today.

But I will say that it was a good experience. The venue was good and it was exceptionally well done. They have done 14 of these things now and they do it well. The organization and staffing was top notch. I’ve never been to an event this large that was so well staffed and organized. The speakers were all impressive, tops in their field, and for the most part knew how to make money in their particular field. Really bright people. More on this later. Milken, I will say, was a very sharp intellect from what I saw.

So I want to thank the Milken Institute for inviting me and I hope I can go next year. Of course the hitch will be that not all of my commentary was or will be flattering. But my guess is that I was selected because I am The Contrarian in terms of their view of economics, especially “macro” economics. I met a lot of interesting people and all had differing views of the world, but generally from inside the same box. But, they have a lot of press attending the event, so I’m just a tolerable annoyance. But I believe they feel differing views are important. If they can have Jim Chanos, they can tolerate me.

More tomorrow.

I know I am behind in my commentary because there have been some interesting data come out recently (GDP for one) that I wish to discuss. I’ll catch up.

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