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The Bilderberg conspiracy unmasked

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I was not invited to the Bilderberg Conference (this weekend in St. Moritz). Actually I have never been invited. But I would really like to become a part of an international cabal to control the world. Not everyone can be a member of a cabal and pull the strings that make us dance. As we all know, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations control a vast conspiracy that has lead to our downfall. [For convenience, I am going to call the three organizations the Tri-Bilder Council, or TBC.]

I was recently reminded of this conspiracy in a lengthy letter to the editor of my local newspaper (Montecito Journal) responding to my article on the inevitability of QE3 (which originally appeared here). The writer of the letter criticized me for being foolishly naive and ignorant of the TBC conspiracy.

Here is the purported list of attendees at this year’s conference. Judge for yourself.

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to conspiracies: those who believe in them and those who don’t. I would be in the latter category. There are several problems with vast conspiracies. First, you can never prove them. At least no one has proved the TBC conspiracy. Ditto with the Kennedy assassinations, the Rothschild conspiracy, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It defies logic that such conspiracies can have such vast power without anything leaking out. That’s why conspiratiophiles come up with lots of disparate facts to deduce the existence of such. But they never come up with someone who will swear under oath that “Yes, X conspiracy exists, I am a conspirator, these are my co-conspirators, and this is how we did it.” If the FBI can crack the Mafia’s omerta, you would think they could get someone to fess up to a conspiracy to rule the world. Let’s face it, if the TBC was a conspiracy, would they announce their meetings?

All offered “proofs” are forms of logical fallacies and do not withstand careful analysis. They take little facts and patch together their “proof,” such as “Because X happened, Y happened.” Or, “Because X happened first, it caused Y.” The one doesn’t necessarily follow the other. Their arguments never hold together under close examination.

I believe that the best logical analysis of such things is the one developed by William of Ockham in the 13thC., commonly known as “Occam’s Razor.” It states that the explanation with the fewest unknowable or unprovable assumptions is usually the best one.

The reason that there is no vast conspiracy is because “They” don’t need one. “They” already rule the world. The “They” I am referring to are the Neo-Keynesian-Neo-classical econometricians whose ideas rule academia and thus, contemporary economics and politics.

I am not exaggerating here: the whole world follows these ideas. It is no surprise that the countries that were hit the worst by the boom and bust all used the same remedies in an attempt to rescue their failing economies. That is, they resorted to massive fiscal and monetary stimulus. In different ways, all are suffering from the same failed policies.

I don’t believe that “They” are evil. They all went to prestigious universities and studied the same economics and came out as true believers, never challenging the conventional wisdom. I don’t think Hank Paulson had evil intent when he went to Congress begging for bailout money: he believed that if he didn’t save Wall Street the financial world would come to an end. You can criticize him for his judgement and his general lack of understanding of economics, but look at the world he came from. They all believe the same things.

I am not suggesting that there aren’t evil people in the world or that no members of the TBC aren’t evil. But that’s not the point. If there is a conspiracy, it was one to suppress dissent and promote orthodoxy in academia starting in Europe almost 200 years ago. In fact many of these ideas can be traced back to Rome.

If you win in academia, at least in modern western societies, you win. It is where ideas are generated, discussed, and fought over. For all their supposed intellectual independence, colleges and universities are actually rather conservative institutions, carefully protecting whatever orthodoxy is popular at the time.

The TBC are merely reflections of today’s conventional wisdom. You can’t defeat them by denouncing them as conspirators. You have to defeat them with ideas.

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